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Alpha-1-antitrypsin phenotype, serum


Test Name Alpha-1-antitrypsin phenotype, serum
Test Code AATP
Also order A1AT if no A1AT result provided on requisition.
Note:  If A1AT quantitation was performed at another referral lab, provide the results and
units of reporting on the requisition.  Refer to the Laboratory Bulletin and the Laboratories            
Services Operational Update:  Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Phenotype Testing 
Synonyms PI Type    
Protease inhibitor allotype
Collection Device/Tube Type  3.5 mL blood - gold top serum separator tube (gel)
Submission Requirements 1 mL of serum.
 •  If specimen will not be received at DynaLIFEDx within 3 days of collection,
    aliquot, freeze, and transport the sample frozen.
Frequency of Testing Bi-weekly
Reference Range No reference range - an interpretation is reported.
Additional Comment Phenotype is automatically done if alpha-1-antitrypsin level is <0.90 g/L.  Approval
by Clinical Chemist is required if the patient's clinical condition warrants phenotype
testing and the alpha-1-antitrypsin is not < 0.90 g/L.
Last Reviewed 08 March 2016


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