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Anti-transglutaminase IgA, serum

Test Name Anti-transglutaminase IgA, serum
Test Code ATTG
Synonyms Tissue transglutaminase antibodies (TTG)
Primarily used to screen for Celiac disease.
Collection Device/Tube Type 3.5 mL blood - gold serum separator (gel)
Submission Requirements 1 mL serum

Collection Staff:

     1.  Collect a separate tube for AENDO if ordered with ATTG
                    Exception:  for patients <2 years old, ATTG and AENDO can be done on the same specimen
     2.  Centrifuge specimen
     3.  Aliquot and freeze serum before transport.
Additional Comments Physicians:

If the patient's IgA level is <0.1 g/L, indicate IgA deficient on the requisition

Anti-endomysial antibody (AENDO) will automatically be done:
     •  on patients <2 years old when the ATTG is <7.0 U/mL
     •  if the requsition states that the patient is IgA deficient (defined as IgA <0.1 g/L)
     •  if the patient is ≥2 years old and IgA is <0.1 g/L and the ATTG is <7.0 U/mL

With the current methods, anti-transglutaminase (ATTG/TTG) has greater sensitivity for Celiac disease than
anti-endomysial (AENDO/EMA), except in young children and patients with congenital IgA deficiency

AENDO requests outside of these circumstances require Clinical Chemist approval.  Call 780-451-3702 and ask
to speak to a Clinical Chemist
 Reference Ranges  


<7 Negative
7-10 Weakly positive
>10 Positive
Last Updated 14 January 2015


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