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Allergy testing, inhalants

Test Name Allergy testing, inhalants
Synonyms Environment allergen screen
IgE antibody inhalant screen
Test Codes Effective 03-February-2015:
   •  Order allergy testing as it appears on the requisition
   •  Specimens with positive screen results will be tested for specific allergens
Testing Options Outside Edmonton
Zone & 3rd Party
Edmonton Zone
Individual Tests:
   Alternaria tenius (mold, grain dust)     DATEN    ATEN
   Aspergillus fumigatus (mold)    DASPF    ASPFM
   Birch    DBRCH    BIRCH
   Cat dander    DCAT    CAT
   Cladosporium herbarum (mold, grain dust)     DCHRB    CHERB
   Cow dander    DCOW    COW
   D. farina (house dust mite)    DDFAR    DFAR
   D. pteronyssinus (house dust mite)    DDPTR    DPTER
   Dog dander    DDOGD    DOGD
   Horse dander    DHORS    HORSE
   Latex    DLATX    LATEX
   Penicillin notatum (mold, grain dust)    DPNOT    PNOT
   Timothy grass    DTIMO    TIMO
   Western ragweed    DRAGW    RWEED
Allergens Not Listed - DynaLIFEDx specific instruction:
  Use test code:  MISC-; name of allergen #1, allergen #2, allergen #3, etc.
   •  Original requisition must accompany the allergy specimen
Collection Device/ Tube Type  3.5 mL blood- gold top serum separator tube (gel)
Submission Requirements 1 mL serum

Specimens are stable for 7 days refrigerated.
If time between collection and testing is to be >7 days, aliquot and freeze the specimen.

Edmonton Zone only:
•  Package each patient's vacutainer tube for allergy testing in a separate biohazard bag
   •  Ensure that a copy of the requisition accompanies the specimen
Additional Comments Inhalant allergen tests not included in the screen or offered as single tests may be
referred out following review by a Clinical Chemist.
Frequency of Testing Daily: Monday - Friday

Reference Ranges
 Interpretation  kU/L
 Negative     < 0.35
 Equivocal (1+)     0.35 - 0.69
 Positive (2+)     0.70 - 3.49
 Positive (3+)     3.50 - 17.49
 Strongly Positive (4+)     17.50 - 49.99
 Strongly Positive (5+)     50.00 - 99.99  
 Strongly Positive (6+)      > 99.99
Last Updated 03 February 2015


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