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Well water testing


Test Name Well water testing
Specimen Type Well water samples
Collection Device A DynaLIFEDx (DL) collection kit (specimen container and complete instructions) is available from a Patient
Care Centre
 or the DL Base Lab (testing laboratory)
  •  Follow kit instructions to collect the well water sample
Specimen Requirements  As soon as possible, following collection:
  •  deliver the specimen and the completed requisition to a Patient Care Centre or the DL Base Laboratory
  •  specimens must be received at Base Lab within 48 hours of collection
  •  if delivering to a Patient Care Centre, then allow extra time for the sample to be forwarded to Base Lab
Additional Comments
Testing Information:  Well water testing fulfills requirements for, and is specific to, real estate and/or mortgage
transactions including CMHC or other mortgage applicatons

  •  The following testing is performed:
          •  total coliforms
          •  fecal coliforms
  •  Chemical analysis is not performed

  •  For other water sample types requiring bacterial content determination, refer to: 
              Provincial Laboratory for Public Health Guide to Services

Sample Acceptability: 
Specimens cannot be processed at DynaLIFEDx if:
  •  the sample is received at Base Lab more than 48 hours after collection
  •  the sample was collected in a Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (Prov Lab) collection kit  
           •  deliver Prov Lab samples directly to:

              Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (Microbiology)
              Walter C. MacKenzie Health Sciences Centre
              University of Alberta Hospital
              8440 - 112 Street, NW
              Edmonton, Alberta     T6G 2J2
                      Phone:  780-407-7121
                       Hours:  Monday to Friday:  0700h - 1630h
                                   Weekends & Stat holidays:  0745h - 1600h

Fee - well water testing, only
  •  $  60.00 - payable upon sample delivery to a Patient Care Centre or the DL Base Laboratory
  •  Make cheque payable to DynaLIFEDx

Result information
  •  Determination of result availability must include allowance for the:
          •  24-hour incubation time of the test
          •  transportation time from a Patient Care Centre to the testing laboratory
  •  Well water test results will be forwarded according to the client's delivery choice as indicated on the requisition
          •  Results can be mailed, faxed, or picked up at a Patient Care Centre or the DL Base Laboratory      
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